One day webinar on Positive Psychology

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One day webinar on Positive Psychology

31 Jily 2021

Organised by



In Collaboration with

Mahatma Gandhi University

Resource Persons

Dr Gimmi Antony

De La Salle University, Philippines

Dr Jaya A.T

Prajyoti College, Pudukad

Thrust areas of the conference

Job Performance

Culture and Positive Psychology

Happiness Economics

Humanistic Psychology

Positive Education

Positive Neuroscience

Positive Psychotherapy

Positive Youth Development

Posttraumatic Growth


Psychological Resilience

Rational Ignorance

Second Wave Positive Psychology

Sex-positive Movement

Theory of Humor

Positive Psychotherapy

Resilience Training Programmes

Important Dates

Date of the Conference: 31 July 2021

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 24 July 2021

Send your Abstracts to

E-Abstract with ISBN, Printable


All accepted papers will be published in an International Peer Reviewed Journal of Multidisciplinary Explorations, ISSN 2454-3314


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The quest for happiness is innate in human beings. Directly or indirectly our pursuit presupposes a desire for happiness and enjoyment. Philosophical and psychological studies have distinctively contributed to underline and restate the concepts at different epochs of time. Throughout most of its history, psychology was concerned with identifying and remedying human ills. It has largely focused on decreasing maladaptive emotions and behaviors, while generally ignoring positive and optimal functioning. In contrast, the goal of positive psychology is to identify and enhance the human strengths and virtues that make life worth living. Positive psychology’s main aim is to encourage people to discover and nurture their character strengths, rather than channeling their efforts into correcting shortcomings. The conference on positive psychology is a curious pursuit and diligent effort to explore this unquenchable quest innate in humans in myriad ways.


Labour India Educational Society was founded in 1984 by the visionary legend Shri George Kulangara who has always been instrumental in the socio-economic progression of Central Travancore. This Shrine of Letters adorns the pride of igniting the latent potential of the youth hailing from globally. The glowing track record of social service has not in any way induced lethargy in striving for excellence but only re-energised us.



The Department has been regularly organizing National and International Seminars to promote academic and research interests in various contemporary areas of psychology. Guided by a succession of eminently qualified Heads of the Department and supported by a sincerely motivated faculty, the Department has been making rapid strides in attaining greater heights of academic performance. The faculty of psychology has asserted its commitment to the student community through allied activities like organization of academic conferences, seminars, philanthropic activities etc



The conference provides a platform to explore and reflect on newer areas and concerns related to positive psychology. Faculty members, academicians, researchers and students are invited to participate and present papers related to the same.  All the accepted papers will be published in a Peer Reviewed Multidisciplinary International Journal.





Patron                          Prof. Jose P. Mattom (Director – Academics)

President                      Dr. P.P. Shajimon (Principal, Labour India College of Teacher Education)

Convener                      Dr Lison Varghese (Principal, Labour India College)

Organising Secretary      Ms Neethu Murali (HOD, Dept. of Psychology, Labour India College)



Ms. Leena George

Ms Merin Elizabeth Xavier

Ms Aswathy Murali

Ms Suma Mani

Ms Sonia Jose



Address for Correspondence

Ms Neethu Murali

Organising Secretary      

Department of Psychology

Labour India College

Marangattupilly, Kottayam, Kerala-686635

Phone: 9544393502 (Organising Secretary)

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